Top 10 Hotels Architecture

Top 10 Hotels Architecture In USA

While visiting a hotel, there are many things that can fascinate you and leave you with a memorable kind of experience. Apart from just the basic hotel services which include a nice meal and other related services, there is more about a hotel that will give you an out of the world feeling. This is its architectural design. Fortunately, USA is a land endowed with many good things and one of them is spectacular hotel architectures. Traversing in all parts of US, there are a number of hotels whose unique design is something to talk about. Here are top hotels in USA that have the best architectural designs.

NoMad Hotel


NoMad is found in New York and has an outstanding architectural design. Both the interior and the exterior design of the hotel are well-coordinated. The design offers a nice form of distraction from the busy New York life.

Commodore Hotel
The hotel is located in Astoria Oregon. Its strategic location near the ocean edge and at the mouth of Columbia River necessitated the need to have a unique design. The interior design of this hotel provides a unique maritime experience . in addition to its design, the mysterious tales about the past of this hotel can provide visitors with some kind of fascination.

W Hotel Boston

This is a product of an
award winning Boston based architect William Rawn and new York’s finest Bentel Architects. The hotel’s design is aimed at creating a virtual garden in the middle of a busy city. This is aimed at giving the visitors a maximum serenity and a green feeling of the nature.W Hotel City Center

Located in Chicago which has been popularly referred to as the birthplace of modern architecture. The building’s design adopted a beaux art style which gives it a unique traditional attraction. The rooms have minimalist modern décor to give the visitors maximum comfort but still maintain the attraction.

John Lautner Hotel


Was designed by two Los Angeles architects and provides visitors a unique chance to sleep in a mid century gem. The design has taken care of the blinds and curtains hence guests in the hotel can have a form of a sleeping blanket.

Other hotels in USA that have unique design made by company like texas austin architecture firms.

Walt Disney World Swan and Dolphin Resort


This one is found in lake Buena Vista in Florida. It’s close proximity to the lake

Why learn about top hotel architectures in USA

Having in depth knowledge about the best hotel architectures like the best austin architects has, would be of great help in many ways. The knowledge will enable you to select the best hotels whose architecture can suit different seasons. Some hotel designs are suited to cater for different climatic conditions hence selecting a perfect hotel with a right design will make your stay fruitful. Knowledge about hotel design is also important when you want to cater for the specific needs about your hotel service. In case of a romantic stay, you may prefer a hotel whose architecture allows for maximum lighting with good ambiance.

With the help of the internet, you can easily get enough information about top hotels architecture in USA hence relieving you the need of moving from one hotel to another to study there design.